What makes us fascinating, complex human beings also makes us unpredictable and elusive. Influencing behaviour has never been easy, but understanding it fully is essential to inspiring confident business and social actions. And that’s what we do.

Our qualitative experts combine years of experience with the latest thinking about the brain, the psyche, the senses and emotions to help you understand how people make decisions, form connections, and place their trust.

We uncover human stories using sensitive elicitation, observation and interpretation skills aided by behaviour change, innovation, ideation and cultural insight frameworks.

Our ‘open thinking’ approach enables us to think flexibly about your issues, and work with multiple sources of data to address them. We regard qualitative research as a mindset that is sensitive to context, the evolving environment and the promise of data and technology. Open thinking is about curiosity and co-creation. It’s about combining empathy with science to bring you the full picture.

Whether your question is about brand strategy, creative development, customer and stakeholder experience, behaviour change, or public policy direction – we promise to surprise you and push your thinking further with our answers.

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