Sensory research is a unique area of market research that combines data analysis and the use of our senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing) for the purpose of evaluating consumer products. Sensory evaluation can help you launch successful products, with a great product experience.

This, in turn, is a key determinant of repeat purchase – we can help you to ensure that happens. Throughout the product development process, we have a range of tools to help you – from identifying winning ideas right through to optimising in-market products and packaging.

Identifying Winning Ideas

Winning concepts are identified early in the development cycle, screening ideas for their potential prior to investing in the development of prototypes.

Deep-Dive Sensory

Qualitative methods (in-person or online) are used in conjunction with sensory evaluation to provide a depth of understanding in specific areas, adding a richness to sensory results to further explore behaviours, attitudes, and reactions to products/concepts.

Packaging Evaluation

At any point in the creative process, from concept to finished form, research allows for consumer feedback to inform design optimisation before any significant decisions or investment are made.  We can test pack functionality, as well as pack visibility on shelf and label design aesthetics to determine fit with the product and brand.

Range Optimisation

We determine the best combination of products or flavours to deliver the greatest market reach.

Sensory Evaluation

Prototypes are evaluated by a robust sample of consumers, providing clear direction on how products can be optimised to enhance appeal and performance prior to launch.  We can test competitor products, new or modified products, or reformulated products – to provide product optimisation recommendations ensuring limited risk to your business.

In-Home Testing

In-home testing offers the closest indication of how products will perform once launched.  Products are evaluated in home over an extended period of time, with participants using and preparing products in their own manner, as they usually would.

Category Appraisal

A sensory category overview identifies NPD opportunities and where there are gaps in the market for new products, informing your business’ NPD strategy.



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