What we do – aha ta tatou e mahi

Our business has been built around a vision of bringing ‘the consumer’ into the boardroom. We know that business and government will be more successful if they understand the impact they have on the people they serve and now more than ever, our planet.

Market research

The nature of data may be changing, but the need for insight hasn’t. Our deep understanding of how people think, feel, act, shop, share, vote and view leads to insights that help organisations grow in a profitable and sustainable way.

We are New Zealand’s most recognised market research and insights agency, known for our ability to draw meaningful insights from multiple sources of data to inspire confident business decision making.

Social research

The public sector faces unique pressures and constraints. Colmar Brunton recognised this early on in its life and in 1994 created a special unit dedicated to helping public sector organisations achieve their aims – the Social Research Agency. We are a team of public sector specialists who have the skills, experience and passion to use research to help achieve social goals.

Our vision is to help social profit organisations achieve their aims through a collaborative approach to strategy and planning. We bring alive the needs, concerns, motivations and attitudes of your target audience to work with you as ‘thought partners’ in developing effective policy, communications, services, and initiatives. So that together, we can shape a better community.

1 NEWS poll

Colmar Brunton has been running the 1 NEWS poll for more than 20 years. We are New Zealand’s most transparent pollsters when it comes to our results and the methods we employ. Over recent General Elections the 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll has consistently been close to the final election result.

Data analytics

There is an abundance of data riches in New Zealand, but most New Zealand businesses are yet to get great value from it. Our data analytics team have global big data success stories to share and with wonderful data riches here, they can open up many possibilities to help local businesses cash in.

Data visualisation

Data and insights are only compelling if they are brought to life in a meaningful and impactful way. Colmar Brunton are known for our visually engaging presentations, all created by our own in-house creative and multi-media team. We are experts in creating dynamic presentations, reports, infographics and videos that turns your data into a story. We also offer these services direct to our clients for help with internal and external presentations e.g. awards entries. If you have a project that needs some creative expertise, get in touch for a conversation and a quote. We are happy to work directly with clients.