Case study – Supporting motorcyclists’ safety

Motorcyclists are more at risk of injury or death than other road users if involved in a crash. ACC’s injury prevention team developed the Ride Forever on-road coaching programme to help reduce the impact of motorcycle crashes. In 2017, ACC was investigating how to measure potential demand for Ride Forever courses and encourage uptake through different incentives. ACC has released a pilot to test the incentive concept over the next two years, utilising the information provided to prove the concept and gain acceptance across the business to proceed.

We delivered a survey to over 800 motorcyclists through our online panel and used several weighting and statistical techniques to accurately forecast uptake of the coaching. We also identified which incentives would attract the most riders to attend Ride Forever courses.

The research findings provided ACC with the confidence to continue investing in the coaching programme. Over 25,000 Ride Forever courses have been accessed by riders. Follow-up research demonstrated that Ride Forever has played a key role in shifting attitudes around what causes crashes and bringing riders on board in terms of strategies to enhance their safety.