Being honest and funny more important than good looks for Valentines

4th May 2016

When searching for their ideal romantic partner, Kiwis are less interested in good looks and intelligence than they are in honesty and a sense of humour.  A Colmar Brunton survey released to mark Valentine’s Day 2016 paints us as a nation that considers beauty far more than skin deep, with most of us favouring values and personality traits ahead of physical and aesthetic attributes.

While thousands will be wooing their Valentine this Sunday (14 February) with cards, flowers and chocolates, it appears the key to a successful loving relationship is understanding what your romantic partner holds dear, and the tides in that respect may have turned.

Colmar Brunton Account Manager Jessica Balbas says overall, men and women tend to look for the same top five qualities in a partner – honesty (45%), a sense of humour (38%), being loving (25%), sharing similar values and beliefs (24%), and being caring (18%).  “Both genders rate ‘loving’ relationships with equal importance, but beyond the top five qualities, women appear to be more practical than men with four times as many wanting their partner to have a job. For men, good looks, romance and open-mindedness rate a lot higher than for women,’ she says.


*A representative sample of 1,000 New Zealanders took part in this online survey. The survey has a maximum margin of error of + or – 3.1%.


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