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Understanding people is a powerful force for success.

We inspire confident business and social actions by putting people at the centre of strategy.



'Mapping Uncharted Territories' JUDGE'S CITATION The brave and open-minded investigative foundations - and specifically those that went beyond pure data to deliver a greater emotional understanding - gave decision-makers the confidence required to action fundamental changes in the way it deals with its market Cracking New Zealand's growing student loan debt problem – a $300 million success story 'Opening Up on Water' JUDGE'S CITATION This research helped a brand be brave and have the confidence to open up conversations with New Zealanders about a contentious and very public issue important to all of us… and ultimately drove fundamental changes in the client’s business 'It’s Your Turn to Call the Shots' JUDGE'S CITATION TVNZ says “we rely on the Green Room to tell us what viewers will watch tomorrow.” Used on a wide range of business decisions, and with a string of successes, the agile community platform is growing from strength to strength. 'Whakaata Māori: How watching the box is helping to revitalise te reo Māori in Aotearoa' JUDGE'S CITATION A carefully designed best-in-class research approach delivered the proof that this New Zealand organisation made a vital contribution to society. It not only secured the funding needed to continue its work, it is now also seen as a blue print for similar studies in other parts of the world 'My Flex – How revolutionising the way Kiwis control their mobile plans built brand love for Vodafone' JUDGE'S CITATION A truly creative and effective study that lives long beyond project delivery to drive exceptional results across the client business, from increased revenue generation to improved brand associations of value and innovation.

Latest thinking

Air New Zealand takes out November Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award
After what has been a challenging year for the tourism industry, Air New Zealand’s latest ad shows their determination to stay afloat and win the hearts of their consumers.
Animals Like Us takes out October Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award
You might have heard that dogs and their owners can sometimes resemble one another, and with this ad you’d be right. Animals Like Us have rightfully…
Maximise your advertising effectiveness
In recent years New Zealand has seen a revival in advertising within the FMCG sector.  In part, this has been fuelled by the thinking of Byron Sharp who has shown the importance of increasing ‘mental availability’ to drive growth.  
Kantar Marketplace is live in New Zealand
Kantar Marketplace is an automated market research platform designed for insights professionals, marketers and agencies who want to test, learn and move faster with agility.

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